Primarily it is to test the contamination level &/or to test for compliance to Australian Standards specifications for ageing. We are also looking for anything that is foreign to the fuel ie: Sediment (heavier than the fuel and therefore on the bottom of the tank), particulate (floating in the fuel phase), water (bottom of tank under fuel phase) and also the possibility or probability of sludge.

Premo Fuel Maintenance offers a monitoring and testing program designed to give our clients professional guidance with twice yearly sampling and laboratory testing/reports on stored fuel quality. Fuel stock maintenance is a considerably more cost effective alternative to excessive parts and filter replacement, let alone the cost of reduced performance or possible total shut down. Reports also contain recommendations for treatment quantity and costs, to enable more economical budgeting with regard to fuel and parts longevity and replacement.


Premo Fuel Maintenance offers a wide range of microbiological control chemicals, dispersants, rust inhibitors, injector cleaners and demulsifiers to effectively eradicate contaminants found within the fuel phase.


Premo Fuel Maintenance has designed and manufactured filtration equipment specifically for the refurbishment and reclamation of contaminated diesel fuel, even in difficult to access bulk storage tanks. Our portable, demountable, computer controlled equipment can extract water and filter the fuel to one micron to remove particulate and sediment ON SITE, without disruption to any requirement for emergency power generators and within the storage tank. No longer is it necessary to take the fuel off site. Nor to pump/filter fuel into tanker and return, leaving the actual tank internals untouched and some of the bottom litres still on the tank floor, to re-contaminate the returned fuel.

Internal Tank Clean Outs

When fuel contamination is heavy and sludge has formed under the fuel along the base of the tank, to achieve best results it is recommended that the internals of the tank be cleaned. This process is achieved by filtering the fuel via our 1 micron filtration system from the bulk storage tank into a standby tanker. Our confined space certified staff enter the tank and blast/scrape clean the internal walls and floor. The sludge and waste accumulated along the tank floor is then vaccumed by an approved licensed waste disposal carrier. Once the internals are clean, the fuel is then returned via 1 micron filtration for a second time.

The end result is a proven spotless internal finish and reclaimed fuel that has twice been filtered. Digital photos are taken during the process to inform our clients of what can happen when diesel fuel is not maintained.

Other Services

  • Integrity testing.
  • Tank installation/ decommissions.
  • Fuel supply any quantity/ fuel removal.
  • Various tank repairs, supply hatch lids, dipsticks, gaskets.
  • Above ground tank inspections.
  • Supply & Install metering gauges and systems.
  • Recalibrate existing metering gauges.
  • Placarding site as per relevant Oh& S requirements